The Underpinnings of the Web – HTML Practice

Volkswagen: Finest German Engineering

Reasons Why Volkswagen is the Best

  • Superior Safety Ratings
  • Superior Appearance
  • Superior MPG

Top Volkswagen Models

  1. Golf
  2. Jetta
  3. Passat

I own a 2007 Volkswagen Passat and I absolutely love it, thus fostering my love for the German automobile. For more basics on the Volkswagen, visit the official site

Week 1

I was a Global Affairs major, but I switched it to History because I got overwhelmed by the persisting explanations of technological connectivity and how the new digital media affects our lives in both the microsphere and macrosphere. So, I got bored with both articles, as they followed the lines of most everything I had read in my previous major. However, “As We May Think” did catch my interest towards the end when the author was describing codes and compared it to the origin of the bow and arrow.

It is interesting to me to read about and observe the progression of technology. While I’m used to the idea of technology replacing elements of our everyday lives and changing the way we communicate, I don’t really know how it works. Since I was little, it has seemed much like magic to me. This is why I found the description of “trails” refreshing; because I could connect with it in a way I could understand, and it wasn’t something I’ve heard before.

For my own research, there are several topics I’d like to explore particularly; The Rise and History of the Indie Rock Genre, The History of the Volkswagon Automobile or possibly the Development and Marketing of Beer.